Rehabilitation Sciences Sector: Adjunct Lecturer

Description: To be eligible for an Adjunct Lecturer appointment, the individual must hold employment with another institution and possess specialized expertise or learning that is of value to the department. The job description at the other institution is primarily non-academic in nature. For example, a candidate might be an employee in industry or government or a professional who has specialized qualifications for teaching purposes. This category includes, among others, individuals in the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector who are employed in private clinics. Adjunct Lecturer appointments do not involve rank and they are not eligible for promotion.

For further information regarding the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector Adjunct Lecturer appointments, please refer to the Sector Guidelines.

Duration: Initial appointments are offered from the first of the month following the Dean's approval and end on June 30th of the following calendar year. Activity reports must be submitted to the Department Chair on an annual basis. To be considered for annual renewal of an active appointment, an activity report must be submitted.

Available Title:  Adjunct Lecturer.  For applications for the title of Adjunct Professor, please contact the Department directly. 

Initial Adjunct Lecturer Academic Appointment

Candidates who currently do not hold an active academic appointment with one of the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector departments may submit an application for an initial academic appointment. A complete application consists of two (2) parts: an online application form and an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae (CV)*.

Criteria for an appointment can be found within the Sector Guidelines.

Approval of Initial Appointment: Department Appointments Committee – Department Chair – Human Resources – Dean

How to Apply:

Step 1 Ensure resume or curriculum vitae (CV)* is updated and complete prior to submitting the online application form (Step 2).
Step 2 Complete the online application form, attach up-to-date resume or CV* (Step 1), and then submit.

* Resume or curriculum vitae (CV) must be well organized and sections must be clearly identified that highlight current and past employment, education, teaching (in class and clinical), and any academic appointments held. Please do not submit a simple list of items or it will be refused. Candidates may also adopt the Faculty of Medicine standard CV format to their needs.

Next Steps:

  • A confirmation email will be sent to candidates within a week of submission noting that the Department has received the application.
  • The review and approval process will take approximately 2 to 3 months.
  • Letters of offer will be sent to successful candidates following the Dean's approval. ***These letters must be signed and returned to the Department for the appointment to be considered accepted and active.***

NEW! Annual Activity Report and Renewal of Adjunct Lecturer Academic Appointment

All faculty with an active Adjunct Lecturer academic appointment held with one of the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector departments must complete an annual activity report. Appointments will be renewed annually.

To request renewal of the Adjunct Lecturer appointment, faculty are required to complete an online annual activity report. Submittal of an activity report will be accepted as the appointment renewal application, unless additional information is required. (Those currently holding an appointment that ends on June 30th of the years 2021 or 2022 will still be expected to complete an annual activity report to continue the appointment but the appointment will not revert to annual re-appointment until the current appointment term ends.)

Please email with any questions about this new process.

Approval of Renewal Appointment: Department Appointments Committee - Department Chair - Human Resources Review


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