Adjunct Faculty

Description: To be eligible for an adjunct appointment, the individual must hold employment with another institution and possess specialized expertise or learning that is of value to the department. The job description at the other institution is primarily non-academic in nature. For example, a candidate might be an employee in industry or government or a professional who has specialized qualifications for teaching purposes. This category includes, among others, individuals in the Rehabilitation Sciences who are employed in private clinics. Adjunct appointments do not normally involve rank and they are not eligible for promotion.

Duration: These appointments must be fixed term appointments, usually 1 to 3 years.  Where possible, they should end on June 30th.  Activity reports to be submitted to the Department Chair on an annual basis.

Approval: DAC – Dept Chair – HR – Dean

Available Rank:  None. 

Available Title:  Adjunct Lecturer, Adjunct Professor. 

Required Documents:

Document type Agent Responsible for Supplying When Required
Application Form (online) Candidate or Employer on application
Curriculum Vitae Candidate on application
Letter from Department Chair Department Chair after approval by DAC
Draft Letter of Offer Department Appointments Coordinator after approval by DAC
Signed Back Letter of Offer Candidate after receiving Letter of Offer

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*DAC = Departmental Appointments Committee
*SC = Search Committee
*HR = Human Resources
*FAAC = Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee