Change in UofT Temerty Faculty of Medicine Primary Department


If an existing faculty member would like to change their primary UofT department to better fit with their current or future academic work, then they should apply for a change of their primary UofT department affiliation.

Note: Before submitting, please reach out to your existing UofT Department Chair and the Department Chair of the UofT Department you wish to become a primary faculty member in, in order to ensure they support this change.


DAC – HR Review

Changing from a UofT Department outside the Temerty Faculty of Medicine to a Department within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine:

In this case, applicants will need to apply from scratch through the normal initial appointment process for their requested appointment type.

Required Documents:

Document Type Agent Responsible for Supplying When Required
Application Form (online) Clinical Faculty Member or Hospital Contact on application
Letter of Support (including reasoning for the department change, co-signed by both the existing primary Dept. Chair and the new primary Dept. Chair (or 2 separate letters, one from each of them) UofT Department Chairs on application
ONLY REQUIRED FOR CLINICAL FACULTY - Academic Position Description (new Department Chair can sign existing APD or a new APD can be created) Hospital Departmental Physician-in-Chief or U of T Departmental Chair* on application
Draft Letter of Offer U of T Departmental Appointments Administrator after approved by DAC

*required for ALL clinical faculty, whether they are adjunct, part-time or full-time (new requirement as of January 1, 2023)

*DAC = Departmental Appointments Committee
*HR = Human Resources