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Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Academic Appointment

This Guide includes a series of questions that, when answered, will assist in determining the appropriate category for an individual interested in applying for a non-salaried academic appointment in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. It also provides information on the documentation required for an application to be considered along with the approval process for each category.

Academic* appointment categories in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine are governed by either the Clinical (MD) Faculty Policy or specific University of Toronto Academic Policies and Guidelines.

The approval pathways for non-salaried academic appointments and the documents a candidate must submit vary greatly depending on the policy under which the appointment falls, as well as the category and rank of the appointment. The questions in the Step-by-Step Guide are designed as a guide to the correct appointment category and to supply the information required to submit an application.

* The adjective 'Academic', when used with Appointments, generally indicates a position where a person is engaged in research, teaching (including provision of clinical care that may involve supervision of students, residents or other trainees), and/or creative professional activitiy.  Not included in this definition are faculty administrative appointments (eg. Department Chair), hospital appointments, university staff appointments, student appointments, medical residencies, or librarian appointments.