Clinical Visiting Professor

Foreign-Trained Physician


An appointment given to faculty from other universities and research institutes who are on leave from continuing appointments in their home institutions and who contribute to teaching or research activities in the Faculty of Medicine.  Visiting Clinical Professors must hold clinical appointments at an affiliated institution.

Duration / Review Period: 

Appointments not to exceed 1 year.


Appointments in this category are approved by the Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs. 

Available Rank: 


Available Title:

Visiting Clinical Professor

Special Note:

The University of Toronto will notify the CPSO of appropriate supervision.

Required Documents:

Document Type Agent Responsible for Supplying When Required
Application Form (online) Candidate on application
Curriculum Vitae Candidate on application
Certificate of Professional Conduct OR
Home Country Certification
Candidate on application
Letter from Home Institution Home Institution Delegate on application
UHIP Document Candidate prior to approval by HR
Letter from Department Chair Department Chair prior to approval by HR
Draft Letter of Offer DAC Administrator after approval by HR
Signed Letter of Offer Candidate after receiving Letter of Offer


*DAC = Departmental Appointments Committee
*SC = Search Committee
*HR = Human Resources
*FAAC = Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee


The Department of Psychiatry requires

  • a Letter of Support from a Department of Psychiatry Division Director

The Department of Family and Community Medicine requires

  • Professional Development Plan

  • Membership in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC # and Expiry Date)

  • If applicable, Certificate of Family Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada