Clinical (MD) Full-Time Academic Appointments


These physicians are usually active staff at a fully affiliated or, occasionally, at a community-affiliated teaching hospital.  They belong to a practice plan that supports academic work financially.  Their academic work, which includes teaching in patient care, accounts for at least 80% of their professional working time.

A Clinical (MD) Full-time Equivalent appointment involves working part-time, but with 80% or more of the physician's professional working time devoted to academic work.

Full-Time Clinical (MD) Academic Appointments - Foreign-Trained Physicians


Initial appointment is generally for three years.  Following a successful probationary review, faculty member is given a continuing annual appointment which can only be terminated for cause.


Unless there is a formal search with University representation, appointments at a professorial rank must first be reviewed by the Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee (FAAC), before being submitted to the Dean for approval. Lecturer appointments are submitted to the Vice-Dean, Clinical Affairs for approval.

Available Rank:

Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Required Documents:

Document Type Agent Responsible for Supplying When Required
Application Form (online) Candidate or Hospital Contact on application
Curriculum Vitae Candidate on application
Teaching Dossier (strongly recommended when applying for a Clinician Teacher academic position description, optional when applying for any other academic position description) Candidate on application
Academic Position Description (draft) Physician-in-Chief on application
Certificate of Professional Conduct Candidate prior to approval by DAC
Letter from Physician-in-Chief Physician-in-Chief prior to approval by DAC
Letters of Reference
(2-3 intra-departmental, 2-3 extra-departmental)
Referees prior to approval by DAC
Letter from Department Chair Department chair after approval by DAC
Search Details (along with copies of job ads) SC Coordinator prior to approval by DAC
Draft Letter of Offer Department appointments coordinator prior to approval by HR
Signed Back Letter of Offer Candidate after receiving Letter of Offer

*DAC = Departmental Appointments Committee
*SC = Search Committee
*HR = Human Resources
*FAAC = Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee

Full-Time Clinical (MD) Academic Appointments - Foreign-Trained Physicians


The Department of Psychiatry requires

  • a Letter of Support from a Department of Psychiatry Division Director

The Department of Family and Community Medicine requires

  • Professional Development Plan

  • Membership in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC # and Expiry Date)

  • If applicable, Certificate of Family Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada