Visiting Professor


Faculty from other universities and research institutes who hold continuing appointments in their home institutions may be appointed to a unit as a Visiting Professor.  The Visiting Professor is expected to contribute to the research and teaching activities of the academic unit.

Visiting Professors may or may not receive honoraria and expenses. Visiting Professors who are to be offered annual appointments of between .25 FTE and .75 FTE must be appointed as part-time faculty members, under the Policy and Procedures on Employment Conditions of Part-time Academic Staff. Visiting Professors who are to be offered full-time salaried appointments will be appointed under the Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments (see the note about Contractually Limited Term Appointments on the previous page).

Visiting appointments do not automatically carry membership in the School of Graduate Studies and do not give the recipient the rights or privileges of teaching graduate courses or of supervising graduate students. Visiting faculty may be appointed to graduate departments in accordance with the policies of the School of Graduate Studies. These appointments are co-terminal with their University appointment


These appointments are usually for one year or less.  


(under usual circumstances) DAC – Dept Chair – HR – Dean. Appointments longer than one year also require the approval of the Vice-President and the Provost of the University.

Available Title:

Visiting Professor
Persons appointed with the title  of Visiting Professor cannot be considered for promotion.

Available Rank:  


Required Documents:

Document Type Agent Responsible for Supplying When Required
Application Form (online) Candidate on application
Curriculum Vitae Candidate on application
Letter from Canadian sponsor/Primary Employer Canadian sponsor/Primary Employer prior to approval by DAC
Home University letter approving the applicant taking a leave of absence*** Home University prior to approval by DAC
Letter from Department Chair Department Chair after approval by DAC
Draft Letter of Offer Department appointments coordinator after approval by DAC
Signed Back Letter of Offer Candidate after receiving Letter of Offer


***Home University letter approving the applicant taking a leave of absence. Letter must state their academic position, start and end dates of approved leave (this should match up with the dates on the U of T letter of invitation), that they will return to their position, and confirmation of salary continuance or financial support (if applicable)

  • DAC = Departmental Appointments Committee
  • SC = Search Committee
  • HR = Human Resources
  • FAAC = Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee