Primary Appointment Categories Under the Clinical Faculty Policy

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Full-Time Clinical These physicians are active staff, or will be active staff, at a fully affiliated or, occasionally, at a community-affiliated teaching hospital. They belong to a practice plan that supports academic work financially. Their academic work, which includes teaching in patient care, accounts for at least 80% of their professional working time.
Note:  A Full-time Clinical Equivalent appointment involves working part-time, but with 80% or more of the physician's professional working time devoted to academic work.
Foreign-trained physician?
Part-Time Clinical These physicians hold appointments at relevant clinical sites affiliated with the University of Toronto and devote 20% to 80% of their professional time to academic work. 
Foreign-trained physician?
Adjunct Clinical These physicians work at unaffiliated sites (e.g. private practice) and/or engage in academic activities for less than 20% of their professional time.
Visiting Clinical An appointment given to a practicing MD in a clinical department who is on leave from his/her own university or research institution and who contributes to teaching or research activities in the Faculty of Medicine. 
Foreign-trained physician?
Clinical Cross Appointment An appointment given to a practicing MD in a clinical department who already holds a primary 'clinical' appointment in another clinical department. It is often given to allow appointees to participate in the teaching activities of the academic department.


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